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Rock & Blues Guitarist

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Mark Abrahams is a British blues rock guitarist from Yorkshire, UK who is best known for his current work with the British twin lead guitar band ‘Wishbone Ash’.


Mark was born in Leeds on September 30th, 1978 and even though he is from a non-musical family, it was obvious he was a guitarist in the making from avery early age, rarely was he parted from his out of tune toy acoustic guitar and often with his face glued to the television anytime there was a guitarist playing.

Need a remote session guitarist for your music?

When I'm not touring the world or recording with Wishbone Ash I am available to hire as an online remote session guitarist and can record studio quality guitar tracks for your songs or music project.

Mark Abrahams Les Paul Junior and Gold Top
'I'd like to break your fucking fingers'

Francis Rossi  -  Status Quo

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Wishbone Ash 'We Stand As One' Official Video
Wishbone Ash 'Phoenix' - New Morning Club Paris



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