Friedman Dirty Shirley Pedal

I visited Guitar Centre in Buffalo NY last week while touring in the USA with Wishbone Ash and picked up a new drive pedal, the Dirty Shirley by Friedman.

I've been using the Friedman BE-OD for the last 2 years as my main overdrive, as great as it is I was curious to see how the lower gain Dirty Shirley would sound and suit the bands sound. I was also pleased to see the Dirty Shirly has a mid control - The lack of this being my only gripe with the BE-OD.

The first thing I noticed is how much better the EQ is on the Dirty Shirley, as much as I love the BE-OD it has a tendency to become too bass heavy (for me anyway) . . Absolutely not the case with the Dirty Shirley. This pedal has much less gain than the BE-OD, although there is still plenty available and the gain level can be raised further via the internal gain trim pot, similarly the BE has an internal gain pot which I preferred backed off.

The lower gain, sweeter EQ and adjustable middle makes for one hell of a great overdrive pedal, you actually feel as if you're playing a really good overdriven valve amp father than a pedal, very much reminding me of my old faithful ENGL Slow Hand Motion amp.

So, definitely my new (not so) secret weapon and a permanent fixture on my pedalboard as my main lead sound, along with my Nemphasis White Scream overdrive which I love for lower gain. Thinking of buying one? - DO IT!

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