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New Blue Elvidge Amazon Guitar

I recently visited my good friend and guitar builder, Dennis Elvidge at his house / workshop in Leeds to collect my new Elvidge Amazon guitar.. my 5th Elvidge Guitar.

Mark Abrahams Blue Elvidge Amazon Custom Guitar
New Blue Elvidge Amazon Custom Guitar

Except for the colour this guitar is structurally exactly the same as my green Amazon guitar which I have used live with Wishbone Ash over the last 2 years - Actually, both guitars are built with wood from the same tree!

The body and neck are made from Rock Maple which makes for a very bright and resonant guitar with an excellent mid range and the 24 fret fingerboard is Ebony.

Pickups on this one are Kent Armstrong humbuckers, with a push / pull tone control to split the coils.

Dennis Elvidge Is now retired from guitar building and built this guitar over 20 years ago, it’s sat in his private collection, unplayed for all of that time.

Thank you to Dennis Elvidge for another beautiful guitar.



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