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Mark Abrahams Signature Pickups Set Now Available

Earlier this year I worked with my good friend Pete Flynn of 'Pickups By Pete A. Flynn' to make a vintage 1950s Style P90 pickup housed in a nickel humbucker casing.

We took measurements from my favourite P90 pickup which is the stock pickup in my 1959 Les Paul Junior and along with the benefit of Pete's vast experience of vintage P90s he struck gold with the prototype pickup which he sent me to install in my PRS McCarty Goldtop.

In my opinion this 8K P90 pickup not only captures the tonal features of my favourite P90 but also the feel and reaction to volume and tone controls.

We paired this with a lower wound 7K version of Pete's very popular PAF pickup for the neck position which proved to be a perfect match.

I'm very excited to now announce that Pete has now decided to make these pickups available as a Mark Abrahams Signature Pickup Set and will be ready to ship very soon!

For enquiries please contact Pete Flynn

Mark Abrahams Signature P90 Pickups By Pete A Flynn

Mark Abrahams Signature P90 pickups set made by Pickups By Pete A Flynn installed in PRS McCarty Goldtop



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