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Reflecting On Sweden Rock

Wow, what an experience!

As the saying goes, ‘Been there, done that, got the T-shirt’. Well, I always had the T-shirt … now I’ve been there and can say with pride and amazement ‘I’ve done that!’

The festival had a great atmosphere; off stage the band had plenty of laughs and jokes, and on stage I feel we put on a superb show with lots of energy, a great set list and played to a lively and appreciative crowd. From opening the show with ‘The King Will Come’ to closing the set with ‘Blowin' Free,’ I loved every minute.

Wishbone Ash at Sweden Rock Festival 2017
Wishbone Ash at Sweden Rock Festival

From the stage, looking out over the crowds of people, it was nice to see fans there wearing Wishbone Ash T-shirts and showing their support. After our set it was good to meet and chat with some fans of the band and I was chuffed to hear their words of support and positive comments.

Mark Abrahams and Andy Powell. Wishbone Ash Sweden Rock 2017
Mark Abrahams and Andy Powell Sweden Rock 2017

Sweden Rock Festival was a great experience and I’m looking forward to playing our next festivals on the 20th of July and 9th of September, both in Switzerland; then I’ll be counting down to the U.S and Canada tour in September and the U.K tour in October.



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