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I Played A Guitar Solo On The New Album By 'This Winter Machine'

During lockdown, and obviously time away from touring with Wishbone Ash i was contacted by my good friends 'This Winter Machine' who at the time were in the process of writing their latest album 'Kites'

I was invited to contribute a guitar solo to one of their tracks for the album and was eventually presented with this track 'The Storm Part 1' to add an outro solo to, which i recorded for them remotely in my home studio. The album was finally released in October and im delighted to be able to share the finished track for you to hopefully enjoy.

Check out the entire album!

This Winer Machine Official Website -

This Winter Machine on Facebook - (1) This Winter Machine | Facebook

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1 Comment

David H
David H
Mar 20

Just saw you play with wishbone ash and was blown away at North Carolina neighborhood theater.

I was the screamer in the crowd

Who said you played like Mick Ronson.

I mean it as a compliment.

Your soooo smooth and fluent.

Excellent guitarist.


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