Bravewood 55 Stratocaster
Bravewood '55 Stratocaster
Bravewood 1955 Stratocaster
Bravewood 1955 Stratocaster
Bravewood 55 strat back
Bravewood '55 Strat Back
Tokai Love Rock Guitar
My latest guitar and i love it! Picked out for me by my good friends at Tokai UK and is very similar in feel to my gold top, originally expected to be a back up for the gold top but has been my main guitar for a while now
Tokai Love Rock Plain Top
Tokai Love Rock finished in Violin with a '58 style plain top, it also has a 50's style big neck and very cool vintage style PAFs
Gibson CS '57 Les Paul Gold Top
My favourite guitar! I've owned this Les Paul for around 10 years and its remained my No1 for all of that time.
Fitted with RS Guitar Works True 60's PAF Humbuckers and vintage wiring kit with Peter Green out of phase setting in the middle position.
Its battered and abused but to me its the best Les Paul i've ever played.
Gibson Custom Shop '57 Les Paul Back
The back of the Gold Top has some battle scars too, it was pristine when i bought it!
1994 Gibson Les Paul Standard
I acquired this guitar from the British band 'Shed Seven' in the late 90's and it was my main guitar for a long time. When i bought the guitar it had a Bigsby, which i removed as soon as i got the guitar home. Fitted with Kloppmann pickups, out of phase mod and RS vintage wiring kit. This one could tell some stories. . like the time i fell off a table playing it and snapped off the headstock!
Les Paul Standard Top
Very well played! You can see the holes where the Bigsby tremolo used to be
Gibson ES335 Dot
I've loved Gibson ES335s since i first saw Clapton playing his cherry red "Cream" 335 so mine had to be red too!
All original except for the out of phase middle position mod
Elvidge Flame Top Custom Guitar
This was the first guitar custom built for me by Dennis Elvidge. It has an amazing flame maple top, John Suhr single coils and a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge position.
Elvidge Custom Guitar - Quilt Top
This was the 2nd custom guitar built for me by Dennis Elvidge in 2004. Amazing quilt top and slightly thicker body to get more of a Les Paul tone. Pickups were custom wound in the UK by Andy Blake at Wizard Pickups.
Elvidge Amazon Guitar
You will love or hate this one! All maple body and neck with an ebony fingerboard. Fitted with Gibson humbuckers with out of phase middle position. This is an amazing sounding guitar built by my friend Dennis Elvidge here in Yorkshire
Elvidge Amazon
Close up of the sculptured top.
Elvidge Custom Telecaster
Another beautiful guitar built by my good friend Dennis Elvidge. Swamp ash back with a cherry wood top, Seymour Duncan & Kent Armstrong humbuckers with push pull tone pot which splits the coils to achieve a more traditional tele sound. . kind of
1987 Fender Japan '57 Reissue Strat
Im a huge Mark Knopfler fan so i had to have this! Candy Apple Red finish and fitted with John Suhr pickups. Dennis Elvidge did a great job of refretting with jumbo frets and replacing the nut. This strat is battered from when i would throw it across the stage every night to a roadie who was usually waiting to catch it. . Sometimes he didnt and sometimes i didnt throw it far enough!
Fender Custom Shop '62 Strat
Limited edition model with a bigger neck than a standard 60's strat. Handwound Abigail Ybarra pickups. A great sounding strat!
1987 Fender USA Strat
This guitar has a cool story and is very special to me. Originally this strat belonged to a good friend of mine and Yorkshire guitar legend called Charlie Speed, i used to watch him play this guitar live when i was a kid, later i worked with Charlie as his guitar tech and now its mine :-)
Charlie Speed Strat
Me and Charlie Speed
This was taken on the day i collected this guitar from Charlie, we had a good laugh, a few drinks and i took home an amazing strat. . winner!
My ENGL Amps
I love ENGL amps! My head is an old Slow Hand Motion edition which is going into ENGL 4x12 and 2x12 cabinets with Celestion Vintage 30's
G System Rack and Pedals
In my rack i have a HBE Power Screamer Overdrive, HBE UFO Octafuzz, Arion Chorus and an Ibanez TS-10 Tubescreamer. All controlled by the TC Electronic G System pedalboard
G System Pedalboard
Pedalboard with G System Controller, Ernie Ball Volume, Xotic RC Booster, Modded Crybaby Wah and BBE Soul Vibe
Wishbone Ash Pedalboard
This is a pedalboard i put together recently to use when i play with Wishbone Ash. Signal chain is - Fulltone Octafuzz - CAE Wah - Korg Tuner - Ernie Ball Volume Pedal - Nemphasis White Scream Overdrive - Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini - Friedman BE-OD Distortion - Boss EQ - Mooer Rotary - TC Electronic Echo (mounted under the board) - Boss DD-7 Delay. The large red pedal is a Carl Martin Octaswitch which enables me to make preset sounds from all of the pedals by only tapping on one switch.
Wishbone Ash Backline
With Wishbone Ash i am using a pair of Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10 combos, sounds great running clean with the pedalboard i put together.
1958 Jennings Archtop Guitar
1958 Jennings (JMI) archtop guitar. Pre Vox!!
Jennings Archtop Guitar
1958 Jennings Archtop Guitar
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Mark Abrahams uses:

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Evidence Audio Cables.


D’addario EXL115 11-49 Gauge Guitar Strings

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Tokai Love Rock Guitar

My latest guitar and i love it! Picked out for me by my good friends at Tokai UK and is very similar in feel to my gold top, originally expected to be a back up for the gold top but has been my main guitar for a while now