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Kemper PrESETS

I thought it would be fun to make available to you some of the Kemper Presets that i have programmed or customized.

I'll be sharing here for you to purchase my kemper Profiles, not only of some of the most iconic recorded guitar tones ever but also some of the Kemper Presets i created and used on the most recent Wishbone Ash album 'Coat Of Arms'

Money For Nothing Kemper Profile Preset
Faded Sandpaper

Money For Nothing Kemper PrESET

Who hasn't heard this iconic 1980's riff and wanted to make that noise?

I firmly believe that you will not find a more accurate guitar tone for the classic Dire Straits / Mark Knopfler track Money For Nothing anywhere.

Have a listen to my Money For Nothing Kemper Profile and see if you agree!

Faded Sandpaper

We Stand As One Delay Kemper PrESET

I created this Kemper Profile for the quiet section of the first track from our most recent 2020 Wishbone Ash Album 'Coat Of Arms'

This profile uses multiple delay effects to create a very unique, almose synth like guitar tone with just enough gain to easly swell in the effect using a volume pedal, which is exactly how i recorded the part on the album.

This is the actual Kemper preset i used for this section of 'We Stand As One'

Wishbone Ash We Stand As One Kemper Profile Preset
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