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New Small Pedalboard

I’ve been meaning to get around to putting a Small pedalboard together for a while, not only to make flying to shows easier but to allow space for clothes in my suitcase.

So, after various versions tested at home, here’s what I finally settled on.

Mark Abrahams Wishbone Ash Pedalboard

Signal chain: - I have added Amazon links where possible so you can check these pedals out for yourself.

Budda Wah

Korg DT Tuner (buffer)

Ernie Ball Anniversary Volume Pedal

Ibanez Mini Tube screamer

Xotic SL Drive

Friedman Dirty Shirley

Arian SCH 1 Chorus

Boss DD500 Delay

BBE Supa-Charger

EDIT!! - During the 2020 Wishbone Ash tour of the USA i swapped out the Budda Wah Wah pedal for the excellent new Friedman No More Tears '72 Wah Pedal.

A lot of people have asked me about the wah wah i used on the new Wishbone Ash album Coat Of Arms, specifically if i was using my main larger pedalboard with the MXR Custom Audio Wah Pedal on the solo in the song 'Drive'' - The wah pedal i used on that was the Budda wah pictured above in conjunction with Kemper Profiling Amplifier.


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