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YouTube Music 5 Song Playlist - January 2021

Hi everyone and Happy New Year to all my friends and followers, hope you are all staying safe and well and had a nice Christmas.

For me 2021 has started with lots of long, cold walks and lots of guitar playing, particularly my Taylor acoustic guitar at the moment and I'm also really loving some excellent new Kemper profiles which I just received from Tone Junkie of a Dumble modded Marshall 50w 2204 - Maybe I'll record and share some demos of this profile soon as it sounds amazing with either my Les Paul or Strat. For now, here's my 5 song YouTube Music playlist for January 2021, hope you enjoy and don't forget to like and share! Take care and hopefully this year will see an end to this pandemic we can catch up on the road somewhere with Wishbone Ash.


Mark Abrahams Guitarist 5 song Playlist January 2021


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